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Welcome to Axismatics!

For the past 17 years, a total of 1166 outstanding students have graduated from our Institute.

Congratulations to the Newly Qualified FBDO Holders in 2013.

They are now working as Licensed Opticians, offering eye-care services to people from all walks of life.

Do they regret their choice of profession – a professional and licensed Optician? No. No. No.

Today, all of them are either enjoying good salary or are running their own optical shops, and they all have good career prospect.

The most important thing is -- none of them is jobless as there is an acute shortage of Opticians in this part of the world where the overall population is increasing and more people are requesting for eye-care services.

And the beauty of this program is … most of the times, our graduates did not have to look for jobs, but they were promised of jobs even before they graduate.

Going into our 18th year, we will soon be launching three new Diploma programs - Diploma in Business / Marketing / HRM. Please check out the details from time to time from our website or Facebook pages. The tuition fees for these Diploma programs would be the lowest and would be the most affordable for our Malaysian students. 

As you can see now, our graduates are:

I.     Entrepreneurs – they create jobs.
II.   well rewarded if they choose to be a salary worker.

By making your decision to study at Axismatics, you are indeed taking your first step to be an entrepreneur, and to be your own boss.